Our Team


An accredited medical doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating disease using medical imaging techniques. Radiologist plays a key role in healthcare by

  • Acting as an expert consultant to referring physicians by aiding them in choosing the appropriate imaging examination, interpreting the medical images and using radiological results to direct care.
  • Treating diseases by means of radiation and/or performing minimal invasive, image-guided intervention procedures.
  • Recommending further appropriate examinations or treatment when necessary.
  • Correlating medical image finding with other examinations and tests.
  • Directing radiographer in the performance of quality medical imaging.


A regulated Allied Health Professional (AHP) who provide a wide range of health services for Singaporeans. Radiographer plan, review and perform diagnostic imaging procedures, assisting in treatment procedures and other activities as part of a care team, which include, but are not limited to.

  • Performing the full range of diagnostic imaging techniques and contrast agent examinations.
  • Prescribing, dispensing and administering the appropriate radiation dose by applying principles of radiation safety and protection.

Nursing Manager

An experienced Registered Nurse, who will be responsible for supporting the Radiologist and Radiographer during their diagnoses and procedures with patients.

The senior nurse is also there to help patients prepare for their screening and procedures, as well as answer any general medical queries they may have.