Dr. Rameysh Danovani Mahmood

Consultant Radiologist and Medical Director

Dr Rameysh Danovani is a radiologist with subspecialty practice in Breast Imaging and Intervention. After completing his general radiology training in Singapore, he obtained further subspecialty training in Yonsei University(South Korea) before embarking on a role as breast imaging team director in a restructured hospital where he is still serving as visiting consultant. As an active member of the breast imaging community in Singapore, Dr Rameysh Danovani has been involved in the development of modern and advanced techniques in breast imaging and intervention, which includes the use of 3D mammography and contrast enhanced mammography as well as the expansion of the role of a radiologist to include the use of vacuum excisions in borderline breast lesions and cryoablation for treatment of selected breast tumours. He continues to utilise advanced modalities in the workup of breast lesions to provide a more comprehensive and conclusive diagnostic process for his patients.

He remains an active member of Singapore’s breast imaging community, participating in educational and scientific meetings and conferences, as well as being an active member of professional societies such as the Breast Imaging subsection of Singapore Radiological Society. He has been a contributor in numerous scientific meetings as an organiser and an invited speaker both locally and overseas, along with media interviews.

Dr Rameysh Danovani is an avid educator and researcher, contributing to radiology residency training locally as well as supervising foreign breast imaging trainee from around the region. In addition to his pre-existing published studies, he continues to work on various research topics in breast imaging with several ongoing studies including topics such as advanced ultrasound techniques and quality improvement projects.

Latest Speaking Engagements:

  • Breast Imaging Essentials & Singapore Radiological Society (Webinar, 13 March 2021): Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Current Practices in Singapore
  • The Management of Lesions of Uncertain Malignant Potential in the Breast (B3 Lesions) - UK and global perspectives (BD SEA Online Seminar, 27 Nov 2020) (Moderator)
  • 7th Annual Conference of Breast Imaging Society of India (Hyderabad, India. Nov 2019): Cryoablation as Alternative for Local Tumour Control
  • Management of B3 Lesions with Multidisciplinary Discussion (BD SEA Online Seminar, 25 March 2021) (Moderator)
  • The Myths around Breast Cancer Screenings (18 March 2021)

Latest media engagements:

  • Do you really need a mammogram? Why we should be aware of breast cancer signs all year round. (Sassy Mama. Publication Date: 31 December 2020) Read More...
  • 3D Mammography (CNA 938 Health Matters, Radio Interview, 16 Nov 2020) Read More...
  • Freezing away breast cancer: Treatment helps women keep breast intact in early-stage cases (Today. Published 16 November 2019) Read More...

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An accredited medical doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating disease using medical imaging techniques. Radiologist plays a key role in healthcare by

  • Acting as an expert consultant to referring physicians by aiding them in choosing the appropriate imaging examination, interpreting the medical images and using radiological results to direct care.
  • Treating diseases by means of radiation and/or performing minimal invasive, image-guided intervention procedures.
  • Recommending further appropriate examinations or treatment when necessary.
  • Correlating medical image finding with other examinations and tests.
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